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About us


Psyuni is a young organization started by a team of psychology professionals with years of experience in the health and education sector. Psyuni offers life coaching, capacity building and research on wide range of mental health issues. We provide counseling for career, relationship, sexuality and other health related services to students, women and children. Additionally we also organize workshops for the students, teachers, parents, employees and other professionals on various behavioural issues. 


Psyuni is able to bring one of the most advance treatment for various neuro-psychiatric conditions to India and develop a collaboration with ReAttach Therapy Institute, The Netherlands. ReAttach Therapy is a short, friendly and accessible intervention that has shown to be a good choice for patients with mild or more severe mental health problems like ASD, personality disorders or OCD. ReAttach is a neutral or positive emotional experience. We find great results in individuals that suffer from traumatic experiences or anxiety problems. It is a benefit for many patients that they do not have to talk about their problems. Cognitive bias modification allows us to alter maladaptive patterns into more adaptive and healthy biases very quickly in a positive way. The method can be adapted to individual developmental stages and is therefore also accessible for young children or individuals with cognitive delay.

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