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Wellness & Happiness Programs

We offer a range of wellness and happiness programs including Yoga Retreats, Meditation Camps, Theme based Happiness courses such as Gratitude Therapy, Joy of Sharing,  etc. Our Happiness curriculum is rooted in to centuries old Indian Wisdom and Martin Saligmen’s model of authentic Happiness encompassing positive emotions, character strength and virtues that cuts across all segments of society universally. The model encompasses on developing following virtues / character strengths :

  1.      Courage - Bravery, Perseverance, Honesty, zest.

  2.      Wisdom and Knowledge – Creativity, Curiosity,  Judgment , Love of learning and perspective.

  3.      Humanity-Love ,Kindness and Social intelligence.

  4.      Justice-Teamwork ,Fairness and Leadership.

  5.      Temperance-Forgiveness , Humility, Prudence and Self regulation.

  6.      Transcendence  – Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Hope Humour and Spirituality.


To know more about such programs or get one designed for you as per your corporate need contact us  by sending a WhatsApp message on +91 9151 909090 or an email to 

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