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Dr Ashutosh Srivastava

Executive Director

Ashutosh is a Practicing Clinical Psychotherapist & Counsellor with over 10 years of hands-on experience in the sphere of Behaviour Analysis, Psychotherapy & Counselling, and Training.  He is MPhil in Clinical Psychology and PhD in Psychology with specialization in Psychological Profiling of Audience Behaviour. He is a very effective trainer for Behaviour Change and has trained thousands of professionals on a variety of Attitude and Behaviour change protocols. He has worked with various organizations of national & and International repute. He is currently the President of Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association and one of the Board Members of the International ReAttach Therapy Foundation.

Dr Madhubala Yadav

Associate Director - Rehabilitation Programs

Madhubala is a trained Rehabilitation Psychologist with PGDRP in Rehabilitation Psychology and PhD in Psychology with specialization in understanding Learning and Teaching styles and their effect on Academic Achievement. She is also a certified Reattach Therapist and working for Individuals with Autism. She has trained special educators as a master trainer for identification of Learning disabilities and ADHD. She is also associated with Divyangjan Shashaktikaran Vibhag Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Pooja Pandey Tripathi

Associate Director - Research

Pooja is the Decision Support Consultant working for a leading health care administrative contractor in the USA. Previously she worked as the data assessment graduate extern at Wellness Resource Center, Temple University and as the Capacity building officer - Saksham project at University of Lucknow, Lucknow. She earned a PhD in Psychology from University of Lucknow and a Masters in Public Health - Applied Biostatistics from Temple University, USA. She has significant years of experience in capacity building, training and research. She is very comfortable using SPSS, SAS, and R for statistical analysis. She is a certified SAS 9.4 base programmer. She loves data analysis and statistical consulting. In her spare time, Pooja loves traveling, cooking and spending time with loved ones.   

Abhay S Dubey

Advisor - Research & Advocacy

Abhay  is a Toronto, Canada based Job Analyst &Trainer. Abhay holds a degree in International Economics and Finance (Ryerson University) and a D.E.C. in Pure and Applied Sciences (Vanier College)., Outside of his professional career, Abhay serves as Editor and writer at (an online magazine focused on the Dharmic community) and is an active human rights activist. In his free time, Abhaya enjoys learning and listening to Indian Classical Music, reading, playing squash, creative writing, volunteering, and traveling.

Mrs Ritu Chauhan

Clinical Psychologist

Ritu is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, certified Reattach therapist    with 15 yrs of experience contributing as Psychotherapist, Counselor and Psychologist in the Indian Armed Forces and other private institutions. Extensive experience in Child & Adolescence Psychology, has been instrumental in the founding and functioning of Asha School(School for specially abled in the Armed Forces). She is also an experienced, Certified Sports Psychologist from Florida University with expertise in coaching the coaches and Psychological training of Young Athletes. Most recently expanding area of responsibility in the field of Psychodiagnostics, assessment and psychological profiling with Psychoanalysis at Personal and Organizational levels in Bangalore and Delhi - NCR.

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