Say yes to life: No more suicide

By Kritika Suri (A Clinical Psychologist & Mental Health Professional)

Suicide is as an act with a fatal outcome, deliberately initiated and performed in the knowledge or expectation of its fatal outcome. In India, over one lakh lives are lost every year as a result of suicide and this figure does not take into account the gross underreporting. According to WHO, approximately 1 million people die each year from suicide.

There is a range, however, between thinking about suicide and acting it out. Some people have ideas of suicide that they will never act on; some plan for days, weeks, or even years before acting; and others take their lives seemingly on impulse, without premeditation. Therefore, Understanding the potential at risk and protective factors would play an important role in identifying at risk population and in reducing the rate of suicide which is increasing at an alarming rate. Risk factors are those factors which make an individual more vulnerable or increase the likelihood that the individuals will consider, attempt, or die