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A lot of us might not be aware of something called fashion psychology. Does fashion involve psychology as well? Is fashion psychology helpful in areas and industries of fashion? A lot of questions like these might pop up in your head especially if you haven’t heard about fashion psychology before. Well You will find all the answers to your questions right here.

Let’s begin with what is fashion Psychology?

Fashion psychology is defined as “study and treatment of how color, image, style and beauty affects human behavior, while addressing norms and cultural sensitivities.” Fashion psychology focuses on changes in acceptance overtime. It is usually also described as the study of impact of clothing choices in which people perceive each other. Although it might seem misleading, fashion psychology looks beyond clothing’s impact on an individual.

Fashion psychology is an upcoming field of psychology which might have a lot of scope in future. Psychologists have a talent of observing and studying people in their ways and they can very understand and even predict what an individual is expecting from others and from themselves as well. In today’s world of fashion when the industry is so consumer oriented, fashion psychologists can help serve the consumers better. They can be beneficial for the fashion industry guiding them what to produce and to the consumers by guiding them about what to purchase and what how to wear what own.

Careers in fashion psychology?

Here’s a list of careers you can opt for as a fashion psychologist –

1. Data scientists

2. Consumer psychologist

3. Fabric research and development

4. Sustainability expert

5. Personal stylist

6. 3D printing engineer

“There is a recognized need for sustainability, especially if you’re a large business.”

“As consumers become more conscious with their buying decisions, the demand for companies to be able to demonstrate radical transparency and measurable improvement in both environmental and social impacts of their supply chains will be more and more critical,” says Cantu. Brands are at a point where they have nowhere to hide. By pursuing a green agenda from the beginning will help them gain loyalty of the consumers, particularly millennials who are more likely to buy a product that supports a cause.

As people are realizing the importance of sustainable fashion and its benefits, fashion psychology is a serves s a boon. Who wouldn’t want to look amazing anyways? And that too on a pocket friendly budget. Fashion psychology can be serve a wide range of people and it can turn into a great career opportunity for both psychologists and fashion ethusiats.


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