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When Do You “NEED” Counselling?

People feel overwhelmed when they hear the word “counselling” or “therapy”. They usually think that people who are mentally ill are the only ones who go to therapy but that is not always the case. You might need some consideration before starting therapy, you might want to sort things on your own, find your own way out or probably you might not want to share your inner struggles with anyone but yourself. The American Psychol

ogical Association that we should consider therapy when something is causing us distress and interfering with our daily lives or some part of our lives. Before getting further, let me make this clear that taking therapy is NORMAL!

You can go into therapy whenever you feel that are not able to cope with your issues, particularly when:

  • You spend most of your time in thinking your issues or just overthinking everything.

  • When it is causing you avoid others or your regular lifestyle

  • It is negatively affecting your relations or work

  • You feel anxious

  • You feel socially withdrawn

  • When you feel you are so done life or just feel hopeless or numb or you feel “nothing”

  • You are unable to take decisions

While these are just some of the aspects that make you consider therapy, there are other factors as well.

I have seen people nearly freak out when it comes to therapy, it is a misconception that therapy is limited to people who are struggling with mental illness. In reality, it is beneficial for everyone who is suffering with stress, intense emotions or just want to improve their daily life. Therapy provides you with a non- judgmental environment where you can talk about your any

thing you are going through or maybe just vent out, you will notice that you will end up developing skills to manage your life, know yourself and you emotions better, you might come out as a better person and feel good about yourself. Remember, going to therapy does not mean that you are “crazy” or “broken” or anything of that sort. It might be actually be a step towards your well-being. It might be difficult for you to see your loved one going through something and it is natural that you would like to help them, and there are recourses as well. Encourage your loved ones to take a step towards their well being and a good mental health.


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