Substance Abuse : Destroying Youth!!

By Kritika Suri (Clinical Psychologist & Mental Health Professional)

Substance use by young people is on the rise, and it has been observed that the initiation of use is occurring at even younger ages. And early initiation of substance use is usually associated with a poor prognosis and a lifelong pattern of deceit and irresponsible behavior.The drugs most commonly abused by adolescents are Alcohol and tobacco, followed by marijuana. Adolescent substance use needs to be identified and addressed as soon as possible. As trial of drugs takes no long time to turn into addiction. Drugs can have long-lasting effects on the developing brain and may interfere with family, positive peer relationships, and school performance. Most adults who develop a substance use disorder report that they had started drug use in adolescence or young adulthood, so it is important to identify and intervene in drug use early. There are various potential risk factors which make them vulnerable to addiction. You