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Sound Sleep: A source of nourishment for a healthy mind

It is important to note that just like diet and exercise are important for once physical and mental health, sleep also plays a crucial role in maintaining our health. Sleep is important for sound psychological health.

Some of the reasons as to why sleep is important:-

  • Sleep helps enhance your learning and problem-solving skills.

  • Sleep helps you pay attention, make decisions, and be creative.

  • It helps your brain work properly.

  • It allows once body to repair themselves

Research has shown that during the process of sleep, the brain process information, consolidate memory, and enable us to learn and function effectively during daytime. This is why it is encouraged to get a good sound sleep in the run up to a job interview or exam rather than staying awake all night to prepare.

However, due to current lifestyle and stressful life we do not give due importance to our sleep. Be it working or nonworking population, their sleep quality and quantity is not good. Its consequence is that it leads to fatigue and tiredness among the sufferers which in turn decrease their productivity; further leading to increased absenteeism from work and in turn leading to various physical and psychological illnesses.

Sleep quality is of paramount importance to our health. People who sleep poorly are likely to suffer from sleepiness during daytime, poor concentration, irritability, memory loss, depression, frustration, and a weakened immune system.

Sleep quantity is also key factor for the wellbeing of an individual.If one is not able to get 7-8 hours sleep, then that means that his/her sleep quantity is not good. Persistent and sustained deterioration in sleep quantity indicates that person is suffering from insomnia and should consult a mental health professional to avoid its consequences.

Check which one you are experiencing

  • Difficulty in initiating sleep at night

  • Difficulty in maintain sleep

  • Not feeling fresh when waking up in morning

  • Irritable in early morning

  • Unable to concentrate in early hours of your work

If you are experiencing any of these then it’s time to take help of a mental health professional!!

Note: Poor sleep has massive implications on our health; it is in all of our interest to ensure that we sleep better.

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