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Are you a parent who is addicted to substance abuse?

If one’s partner is addicted to drugs, one should likely aware that addiction severely impacts the children. With over millions of people currently who are suffering from substance abuse, it is shocking to remember the repercussions of such illness.

It is off course making people lives miserable and take thousands of lives every year. Despite all tragic losses that result from substance abuse, the most saddening part of substance abuse is Neglection and maltreatment of children whose parents are addicted to drugs. Substance Abuse addiction by parent or parents is hazardous to their children.

As addiction of a parent not only affects their current lifestyle and emotional health but also their development and mental well- being. Parents who suffers from addiction frequently fails to provide the psychological, physical and emotional support to their children which they need.

Addiction has a negative impact including users and also to their families. People who abuse substances are likely to find themselves increasingly isolated from their families. Children of substance abusers often experiencing their parent withdrawing emotionally, becoming cold, irritable, and emotionally abusive. This can be emotionally traumatizing to the children mental health or well- being. This can significantly impacts a child’s development and puts children at risk of Anxiety Disorders, Low Self – Esteem, Depression, Academic Difficulties, Attention & Concentration issues & Behavioral Problems which can be arise from an inability to cope with emotions.

In these scenarios, it is very important not to neglect the child’s well- being, as if one of the partners is addicted to any substance and it needs serious attention. One can seek professional treatment and get help for the same for one’s family in regards to get a better healing and future.

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